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AFON LTD was established by specialists to make profits using the latest technology in mining precious metals and stones. Currently, there are many flaws in this field of activity which cause up to 7% of the money invested in mining to be wasted.

The developments of our specialists allow us not only to use 100% of the resources profitably but also to earn up to an additional 20.5% profit per day! The company is developing and in the near future we plan to reach 30% net profit per day!

We also have plans to enter the Asian market in the near future, which will give the company new investors, and this means that we and our investor partners will be able to earn even more and gain an even stronger foothold in the business.

About Us

AFON RUS LTD is an innovative company officially registered in the United Kingdom with the right to work in other countries of the world. The company's main activity is the development of technologies for the extraction and processing of precious metals and stones.

We are the only investment platform of its kind that has an already operating business, founded by a team of professionals who know their business. Through partnerships with other precious metals and gemstone companies we have created a full network of sites, giving us a strong foothold in this investment area.

What benefits do you get from investing in our company?

  1. Stable profits and interest payments without delay.
  2. Automatic payment of profits, which is undoubtedly very convenient.
  3. The minimum threshold is $20, whereas at other similar companies it starts at $100.
  4. Lively and compliant responsive support 24/7.
  5. Live Telegram Chat, where you can chat with our regular investors.